How to Download Pinterest Video on Android, Pc, iPhone And Mac?

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There are a number of steps to follow to get the best out of Pinterest video features. Some are only done once and some need to be repeated on regular basis. Together they create a strategy which needs to be applied consistently for the best results. Yep – Pinterest is also about organization and discipline.

But don’t worry, there is an approved scheduling tool in place which (if used correctly) helps you to save a ton of time pinning on your behalf and you can download video on pinterest. How to Download Pinterest Video on android, Pc, iPhone and Mac in this article I will tell you.

 It still takes some time for the strategy to show results but as mentioned before – time and consistency bring growth!

Having said that, Pinterest is not only about pinning. Although using the right marketing strategy on Pinterest can drive quite some traffic to your site, you don’t only want to act as a marketer. Pinterest appreciates users who see the inspiring side of the platform used in android, Iphone and Mac and help to download videos. We will tell you How to Download Pinterest Video on android, Pc, iPhone And Mac.

That’s why it’s important to still act organically as a user, in between your marketing strategy. How? It’s simple – there is still the ‘social media’ side to Pinterest. To act organically means searching via Pinterest, commenting on other users’ pins, following them or pinning content directly from websites.

It is a powerful marketing tool to showcase your work and encourage exposure to your target audience. Videos are Important to make your content more attractive. We have given tips about How to Download Pinterest Video on android, Pc, iPhone And Mac below in this article. I love Pinterest and I decided to turn this passion into a job. My focus is to understand my clients’ needs and goals they’d like to achieve with their Pinterest presence.

If you want to learn more about the video sharing on android, Pc, iphone and Mac.We will tell about How to Download Pinterest Video on android, Pc, iPhone And Mac by following steps given below.


Simple and easy first you have to download the Pinterest app from the play store or App Store aa android or iPhone user click on the download button and download Pinterest app or site.

Step- 2:

Simply you have to go login to the Pinterest app or site and click on the side button where three dots are present on the side of the video as you want to download.

Step- 3:

Where you can see the link as an option, copy that link, click on that button and you can copy the URL of that given video.

Step- 4:

You search for the official site of the given video link copy in google Pinterest videos from this copied link Open the link and paste that URL that you had copied and you can easily download the video. 

Step- 5:

Go to the link where you have copied the first link and go to the Pinterest website and the URL you have downloaded the video that you have to paste on the Pinterest site.

Step- 6:

As soon as you paste the URL, the download button appears, now you want to download that video in some format, select it and click on the Download button. Your video will be easily downloaded as you click on the button download. So in this way you can download any Pinterest video with the help of a Pinterest App or site. So let’s talk about the other way you can download a Pinterest video.


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