How to Upload Video and Images on Pinterest?

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Videos on Pinterest get much more engagement than simply photos. This suggests savvy social media users are turning to video to create and grow the audience on Pinterest. During this post I’m going to show you ways to optimise your video for better reach and the way to post it to Pinterest.

You can create as many boards for your pins as you would like. Pinterest is liberal to use, but the user needs an account to start out using it. During this blog, I will be able to use Pinterest images as my blog images, which I think are often an excellent tool for the bloggers with low bandwidth space. In this article I will tell about How to Upload Video on Pinterest and How to upload Images on Pinterest. 

How to upload video on Pinterest:

Pinterest videos that are 2:3 ratio get more views because they take up more room on the Pinterest feed. If your video isn’t optimised for vertical, you videos are just not getting to work also . Head to and easily crop your video for Pinterest. 

Head to Pinterest by uploading video on Pinterest:

No just head Pinterest and log into your account. within the top right corner you’ll see an upload button. Click that and you’ll see a touch sink , just click “add pin” and you’ll be taken to the upload page.

How to Upload Video on Pinterest in simple way:

Next all you would like to try to do is click to upload your video or drag and drop. you’ll upload videos in mp4 and in movie format up to 2GB.

Step One: Download the Documents app by Readdle through Pinterest App.

Step Two: Find a video on Instagram or YouTube that you simply would really like to download and replica the link.

Step Three: attend Pinterest website 

Step Four: Paste the copied code into the box on Pinterest and quickly click the link at the highest of the url on the subsequent page.

Step Five: Copy the url link that you simply clicked on.

Step Six: Open up the Documents app, click on the web icon at the rock bottom right of the screen within the app and paste the new link that you simply just copied into that new url location.

Step Seven: It should ask you to save lots of the video. Click save and head to the download folder within the document app or click the arrow pointing down at the rock bottom right of the app, that’ll quickly take you to the download folder.

Step Eight: Preview the video to form sure it had been downloaded correctly.

Step Nine: Click the attention or three dots on the proper of the video & click to maneuver the video into your photos.

Step Ten: Open up Pinterest and click on the heart beat button like you are going to upload a photograph . Your video should be right at the highest . Add the video rather than a photograph and upload like usual.

How to Upload image on Pinterest:

In this blog, I will be able to use Pinterest images as my blog images, which I think are often an excellent tool for the bloggers with low bandwidth space.

Step 1 – Login to your Pinterest account by entering the email address and Password and click on the Login button. you’ll also directly login (using Single Sign on) by using your Facebook or Google credentials.

Step 2 – Now Click on the + icon near the three (…) dots. Then click on the Create Pin.

Step 3 – The below Upload Pin page will appear. On this page, you’ll find various ways to Pin (Upload) a picture by Upload image(s) otherwise you can directly find a picture from the web site by clicking on the Save from Site button. you’re also required to make the Board for the pins to be published. Boards are the collections of pins dedicated to a topic like quotations, travel, or weddings. 

Step 4 – to make the Board, select the drop-down, near the “Publish” button.

You will see the Create board button within the drop-down. Click the “Create Board” button.

Enter the Board name and click on the Create button. to stay the Board Secret, select the Visibility option checked.

Step 5 – you’ll create further section(s) within the existing Board. Click on the Board on the dashboard.

Click on the + icon on the Board area. The below screen will appear. provides a name to the section and click on on the Add button.

Step 6 – you’ll Upload your images by the press on the Upload area or can directly drop your images to the upload area. provides a Title to the Pin and provides another information relevant to the pin (Not mandatory).

Step 7 – The pins are often published immediately, or the user can set the later date by choosing from options below:

How to upload an image on Pinterest and you can Publish immediately, the image or pin are going to be published immediately when the user clicks the Publish button. Publish at a later date:- On selecting ‘Publish at a later date’, the 2 new date and time fields are going to be shown. you’ll select the Date and Time at which you would like your pin to be published.

Step 8 – After Publishing, the below information screen will appear. you’ll see your image by clicking on the “See it now” button at rock bottom of the page.

Step 9 – The below screen will appear, here you’ll see similar images to your’s, under More like this section.

To edit a picture , you’ll click on the Edit icon at the highest left as shown below. to save lots of the pin from any web-page, you’ll click on the Save from site button.

The below text-box will appear, here you’ll enter the location name and click on the > icon. the pictures from the web-page are going to be shown, now you’ll select a picture and click on the increase Pin button.

When you have uploaded the pictures in various text areas, you’ll see an out sized selection box on the proper side of the Pin. By selecting these you’ll Edit, Delete or Publish multiple Pins directly.