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If you haven’t heard about it, please move the rock faraway from on top of your head. Maybe you think that you haven’t used Pinterest, but you almost certainly have. Indirectly. But you’ve got. Once you look for a picture on google, an honest percentage of the pictures are from Pinterest.

Pinterest may be a “social media platform” where people pin images (ideas or products) on web-based bulletin boards. The location was earlier an area for DIY projects and craft ideas. But, within the past few years, it’s evolved into a really different platform. the rationale why we mentioned it as a social media platform in finger quotes is that Pinterest is a way more useful platform.

Which countries the Pinterest use the most:

Currently, advertising on Pinterest using the Promoted Pins is merely available for businesses within the following countries:

  • India
  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • etc.

Promoted pins, Promoted video pins. Promoted app pins assist you to spice up your post without looking ugly. Ads on the opposite sites don’t look very exciting. Pinterest uses the illusion of showing ads without making them appear as if ads, making it way better than the opposite social media sites.

What is the Scope of Pinterest in India:

India is the second largest marketplace for the platform with 67 million users. Currently, in India, Pinterest is the 6th hottest social networking site. India comes first in terms of Facebook users, the us being the second. With numerous people surfing on the web , Pinterest can convince be very successful in terms of engagement.

The score of 35 means the keyword started getting popular in March 2012. 100 in March 2015 means the keyword was very fashionable . If it took two years for us to only start checking out the platform and three more years for the platform to urge popular, it’d take us a couple of more to completely adopt it.

Which countries the Pinterest use the most:

In an interview to the days of India, Matt Crystal, head of International business at Pinterest said: “We are very excited about the way India is growing for us and, with the rapid adoption in smartphone usage, we expect to create an excellent business there during a few years.”

Right now, most of the Indian businesses are using Facebook as their main platform to market their products and services. But this might soon change as Pinterest has set India and Southeast Asia on their radar. With an expansion in India, it might be interesting to ascertain different sorts of brands adopting Pinterest to interact with their audience.

Why do the poeple use Pinterest for Businesses purpose:

88% of the people that have used Pinterest have purchased a minimum of one product that they pinned on their boards. 60% of individuals are more likely to contact the business if a picture is attached.

Pinterest, Pepe Jeans created a board with the name ‘Pin it to win it’ and added a couple of products. within the campaign, the followers were asked to pin any of the products for an opportunity to win prizes.

If you would like more people to shop for from you, you would like to form the content visually appealing. Brands who have a distinct segment category will find Pinterest helpful. As adding a visible element to a number of the above services like wedding, travel, health and fitness, selling would become far more efficient.

We have reached the age where the patrons are just choosing what to shop for on their devices. The shift within the sort of shopping are often seen everywhere the planet . This behaviour of scrolling through the feed can help the brands to sell more if the users from the opposite social networking sites shift to Pinterest.

Why do the poeple use Pinterest for online Businesses:

More the adoption of brands on Pinterest, more the choices for the customer. check out it this manner – If you’re looking to get a replacement jacket on Pinterest, you’d get options from different sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and therefore the many brands you didn’t realize . Saves you the trouble of getting to the individual sites and opening multiple tabs.

If you’re taking the case of recipes (which is one among the main topics of interest on the platform), Pinterest are going to be heaven for you. Different sites/blogs will show different variations of an equivalent recipe. a bit like the above example, it saves you the time find the right recipe.

Scope of Pinterest:

Almost anyone who’s informed about the straightforward access to buy for multiple categories in one place with a small social element added thereto would adopt the platform. That is because Pinterest hasn’t evolved yet within the country. The Promoted Pins haven’t been introduced to India. As a result, you can’t find many products on the platform, which can soon change once they set their foot within the subcontinent.


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